I appreciate your interest in contacting me.

Given my current commitments to my family, clients and my own self-care, I only provide 1:1 feedback or advice in paid engagements.

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I provide all legal services through my law firm, Signal Lawyers.

If you are looking to retain me as your lawyer, please fill in this form to schedule a call with me.

However, you can also access much of my intellectual capital by accessing the courses I’ve made available. 

My digital advisory services are generally limited to select paid engagements where those opportunities are intellectually stimulating or further my own personal development.

If you think your engagement fits that criteria, please contact my Chief of Staff here.

I have done in-person and virtual speaking engagements at a variety of conferences, private events and podcasts covering a variety of topics relevant to the future of work and business.

A sample of my media appearances can be found here.

For speaking inquiries, please contact my Chief of Staff here.

If you have questions about a file you have retained Signal Lawyers on, please contact the staff member assisting you.

Any other inquiries, please contact my Chief of Staff here.

I’m happy to consider being on your podcast.

My Chief of Staff will be the best person to respond to your inquiry. Email them here.

There are lots of factors that go into choosing the “right” technology stack for you. For example, while the cost of a technology is certainly a significant consideration, you should also consider the “fit” of these technologies into your existing processes.

While I can certainly help you identify which technologies would be right for your practice through a paid engagement, I suggest you only making significant upgrades in technology after you understand the investment you will also need to make in designing new workflows and training your staff on these new technologies.

My preferred tech stack can be found here.

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